16 Relevant Skills Every Man should and must Master.

1.Making Decisions:

You will always be confronted with decisions all through your life as a man,  and most of the time, these might be tough decisions. Your ability to make these decisions as and when due and stand by them is what truly makes your a man. Don’t forget that.

2. Saying NO

You should know by now that saying NO is a complete sentence and does not require an explanation. So men once you make up your mind and NO is is final answer, stand by your  NO and do not regret a thing.

3. Learn how to manage money

The second best thing about making money is managing your money, it also means saving your money and investing your money wisely. A man can’t really make move without financial back-up, so manage your money wisely. Ego bu nma nwoke.

4. GET things done:

IT is always at the core of manhood to get things done. Getting sh*t done should also be added in resume skills. Getting things done requires independent calculated decisions and risks. It is a sign of one who thinks on his feet.

5.Treat others with respect

Once you respect your self real good, you will eventually treat others with respect. With the respect your treat others will be accorded to you in the same measure.respect is reciprocating.

6. BE a good listener.

Listening is a basic skill every man must master especially in your relationship lives.learn to sit, listen and observe and only speak when it’s necessary and called for.

7.Measure your Words

This goes hand in hand with listening, measure the words you speak and desist from running your mouth. Talk is cheap.

8. Make a good first impression:

This comes in the way you dress and carry your self. Dress how you want to be addressed as first impression always lasts. Be yourself and don’t try to impress.dress neat and simple without being sophisticated.

9.Be a reader

You will learn a lot if you are a reader. Being a reader is like borrowing the brain of those before you and those far more experienced than you. You travel in books and you will be actually be far ahead of your peers who don’t read. Visit the library and borrow free books and equip your mind and you will be grounded in your field.

10.Have a firm handshake

Every man must develope a firm handshake, it’s a business and career skill every man must develop.

11.Be Assertive

Being assertive means making a decision and standing by your decision.it also means letting your actions complement your words.when you say something and mean what you say, you have actually developed your assertive skills.

12.Perform simple Household fixes

These include simple plumbing fixes, electric fixes and so on before you can bring in the professional to look at it; changing a flat tire, changing and electric bulb are also among the list. You get the point.

13.Give  Orgasms

This is a must for every man in your relationship lives. You should be able to give your lady orgasms when she needs it or she will get it elsewhere and this is very bad for your relationship.

14.Give a Massage

You should be able to give your lady a relaxing massage. Massage is therapeutic and as such it relaxes the body and relieve stress.Deep tissue massage and full body massage are the two types of massage every man must learn how to give to the woman in his life.

15.Do your Laundry

Why wouldn’t any many learn how to do his laundry especially your underwears. It is understandable if you have your personal dry cleaner, but your underwear, you must learn how to do that yourself, you can get your self a washing machine to save your time Incase you have far too many underwears.

16. Learn how to cook atleat 3 healthy meals.

You don’t have to wait for your wife or your fiancee to do all the cookings, and you also don’t have to be eating out all the time. Cooking is a survival skill, so you should learn how to cook atleast 3 healthy meals, i don’t mean fast food like noodles or spaghetti but real healthy meals. Sometimes surprise your wife and family, go to the market, buy foodstuffs and enter the kitchen and prepare something for your family; these helps to build love and connection in your family.

These simple but relevant skill are what every man should and must have in his arsenal, it’s really important and it makes you more desirable and easy to love.

If you have other lists, please feel free to add in the comment section.

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