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Benefits of Eating Healthy foods


Food remains one of the most basic of the human needs, it is not a want, rather it is a need that we all must adhere to if we really want to live. Eating healthy is an art in the sense that it requires creativity for one to eat right. Eating right involves the combination of essential nutrients into our meal recipe which goes a long way in sustaining our livelihood. with out proper diet, our body wouldnt be able to fight off invaders in form of sickness and before long, our body will be invaded by sickness and diseases thus leaving us unhealthy.

Eating right does not necessarily require a whole lot to come by but rather by maintaing a simple eating habit for you and your family and actually sticking to the meal plan, it involves a plan that has to be sticked to.

Here at Ofiaku kitchen, healthy meals has remained our watch word as we go beyond the expectations of our clients leaving them satisfied with our mouth watering dishes and above all our whole lot of healthy treats.

Healthy meals can actually keep you from contacting diseases by solidifying your immune system and gearing it up againt disease invasion.

Eating right is a form of investment into your own future and that of your family. Home cooked meals are essential part of taking care of ourselves.

Incorporating vegetable, fruits, nuts, root vegies and natural water is actually a vital part of taking care of ones self, it’s is all about what you put into your body.

Remember, what you put into your body is what your body brings out for you, when you fill your body system with junks and unhealthy meals, they will hunt you back in form of diseases, weakness, unproductivity and might even lead to degenerative diseases like cancer and the likes.

Can we actually over emphasise the need to be on the check of the kind of food we feed our selves? You have got only your body and you must take care of your body.

The food we eat is a medicine for your body. The body is meant to be healed by the food we eat not by drugs we take.

When you eat right, then their is no need to fall sick, and when you don’t fall sick, then their is no need to take drugs.

Foods heals your body as prayer heals your soul, so the highest form of investment you will ever do is to take care of yourself by eating right and eating healthy meals.

Eating right to the greater part of it also involves drinking a lot of water daily, nothing less than 2 litter of water is expected in your body system on a daily basis.

Most people are already dehydrated because they don’t consume enough water and most people don’t even know this. By the time you are thirsty, your system is already dehydrated and begging for fluids.

Dehydration will cause you series of preventable, yet deadly disease that will invade your body system and cause you pain or even death.

Naturall food should be the major constituents of your consumptions, try as much as possible to avoid processed food as they kill your body without you realising it

So instead of drinking fruit juice, why not squiz it naturally out of oranges, eat cashew nut instead of buscuit,take avocado instead of waffers, why not take carrot instead of bread.

Eating naturally is the key to health and longevity, you just need to make some adjustments to your eating habits and enjoy the good life.

2 thoughts on “Benefits of Eating Healthy foods”

  1. Yea I really agree with this notion,what we eat actually determines how we feel.nice post.Ofiaku Kitchen is really on top of their game in maintaining healthy meal recipes.

  2. Yea I really agree with this post.what we feed ourselves actually determines how we feel.Eating healthy meals is of Paramount importance.Ofiaku kitchen is a home of healthy meals.

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