Recently, picture of pregnant ladies went viral in comparison to when they weren’t pregnant, and some of the pictures shared were so funny raising some comments like;

‘pregnancy na your mate?’,

‘pregnancy will humble you’

Those pictures was really funny, but it also show what women do pass through during these nine months called pregnacy, its really hell for them, i know if not for the joy of motherhood, most women wouldn’t wish to go through pregnacy.

This is also a clarion call for the Men and Husbands to be maximally supportive during this nine months of suffering called PREGNANCY.

Most women experience a total change in their body chemistry and as such pass through a lot of stress during this period.

The best thing a man can do in this period is to be supportive and be there for her and the unborn child, yoou shouldn’t add to the already overwhelming stress she is facing.

Women should also take care of themselves, eating right and avoiding certain things that might harm you and your unborn baby.

These routines from a professional obstetrician will walk you through the dos and donts to make sure you are and stay healthy during pregnancy and as such help you and your unborn child stay healthy and fit.

“pregnancy na your mate?”

Pregnancy will humble you

Audra Meadows, MD, MPH, an obstetrician at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, helps patients optimize their health before, during and after pregnancy. Here are 12 tips from Dr. Meadows to help you increase your chances of having a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby.

1. Eat healthy foods.

Eating healthy foods is especially important for pregnant women. Your baby needs nutrients to grow healthy and strong in the womb. Eat plenty of colorful fruits and vegetables, whole grains, calcium-rich foods and foods low in saturated fat. Keeping your meals healthy and natural will go a long way in keeping you and your unborn child healthy and hearty.

2. Take a daily prenatal vitamin.

Taking a daily prenatal multivitamin can help ensure you get the right amount of the key nutrients you and your baby need during pregnancy. These include folic acid, iron and calcium.

3. Stay hydrated.

A pregnant woman’s body needs more water than it did before pregnancy. Aim for eight or more cups each day, it should be a minimum of 2 litres of water each day, water based fruits like water melon, oranges, paw paw will be a soluble supplement.

4. Go to your prenatal care checkups.

“Pregnancy will humble you”

Women should get regular prenatal care from a health care provider. Moms who don’t get regular prenatal care are much more likely to have a baby with low birth weight or other complications. If available, consider group prenatal care.

5. Avoid certain foods.

There are certain foods that women should avoid eating while pregnant. Don’t eat:

Raw or rare meats

Liver, sushi, raw eggs (also in mayonnaise)

Soft cheeses (feta, brie)

Unpasteurized milk

Raw and unpasteurized animal products can cause food poisoning. Some fish, even when cooked, can be harmful to a growing baby because they’re high in mercury.

6. Don’t drink alcohol.

Don’t drink alcohol before and during pregnancy and while breastfeeding. Drinking alcohol increases the risk of having a baby with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD). FASD can cause abnormal facial features, severe learning disabilities and behavioral issues to your baby, and it will surely affect your baby when its born.

Alcohol can impact a baby’s health in the earliest stages of pregnancy, before a woman may know she is pregnant. Therefore, women who may become pregnant also should not drink alcohol.

7. Don’t smoke.

Smoking is unhealthy for you and your unborn child. It increases the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), premature birth, miscarriage and other poor outcomes. If you are smoking during pregnancy, or your husband is smoking during pregnancy, or you are exposed to toxic smoke, know you that you are seriously harming your unborn child. Desist from smoking and being exposed to smoke filled environment with immediate effect.

Get a flu shot.

The flu can make a pregnant woman very sick and increase risks of complications for your baby. The flu shot can protect you from serious illness and help protect your baby after birth, too. Ask your doctor about getting a flu shot.

10. Get plenty of sleep.

Ample sleep (7 to 9 hours) is important for you and your baby. Try to sleep on your left side to improve blood flow. The emphasis is on ample and plenty of sleep. This is where your husbands and partners should get involved. Husbands, allow your woman to sleep a lot longer, As a husband and partner, you should get up early and take up the house chores, its just the give your woman more time of sleep and rest, she needs, she deserves it.

Plenty of f**k(sex) if she really likes it wouldn’t be a bad thing, whatever she wants, you should give her. The goal is to pamper her because this is the time she needs it most

Pregnancy na your mate?

11. Reduce stress.

Reducing stress is crucial for improving birth outcomes. Pregnant women should avoid, as much as they can, stressful situations. Recruit your loved ones to help you manage stress in your life. This is where the men can really help the situation here.

You should take care of your Lady, you should be by here side and help here with whatever she needs. You should know that this pregnacy is not hers alone to bear, stay close to her and look after her and your unborn baby.

12. Plan the right time to get pregnant.

“If you are choosing to become pregnant at a time when you know that you’re at your healthiest, that increases your chances of having a healthy pregnancy and a healthy birth,” says Dr. Meadows.

This not only means that women should make sure that they are healthy before they become pregnant, but they also should consider their age before getting pregnant. Mothers who have children early in life (earlier than 16-years-old), or late in life (older than 40) are at greater risk for having a premature birth. Also, women who become pregnant again too soon (less than 18 months in between births) are even more likely to have a premature baby.

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