Steps to Win your Woman back After Hurting Her (Set Things Right Like A Man)

Every relationship has its ups and downs. A healthy one can usually overcome most obstacles. However, at some point in our lives, most of us will cross a line of no return – we’ll hurt our significant other to the point where they’ll decide they’re better off alone. But what if you think she’s wrong? What if it was a one-off mistake and now you know better? Doesn’t it make sense you’ll want to win her back after hurting her?

How to win her back after hurting her

In my experience, when a guy can’t win back his girlfriend after hurting her, it’s not for want of trying. Sadly, he just doesn’t know what to do and doesn’t understand there are steps and stages to navigate in this process. So even if he broke up with a girl nicely, he might regret the breakup and want her back.

In this guide, I’m going to take you through a specific “how to win her back after hurting her” program. The process is part self-reflection, part relationship analysis and part development.

Okay – what did you do?

This is so obvious, I shouldn’t really need to include it in here, but I can’t emphasize how important this step is. All too often, when we hurt the ones we love, we don’t even know exactly what we did. We think we do – but we don’t!

To be blunt – imagine you cheated on your girlfriend and I ask you what you did. You’re going to say, “I cheated on my girlfriend.” The first thing to notice here is we’re still saying what you did, rather than the effect it had on her. Also, by only thinking of the event that ended the relationship you are ignoring all the mistakes that came before.

A good relationship can survive one mistake – even a big one like cheating. But usually, when she dumps you for cheating, there were tons of other mistakes which came before. Have you also been too emotionally unavailable? Have you let her down one too many times? Is it time to cope with the breakup because she’s unlikely to want you back?

To work out how it affected her, we need to think about her.

How was she hurt?

When you hurt a woman enough to push her away it’s because you have done one of three things. You have abused her trust, made her feel insignificant or shown you don’t love her. And often it’s all three. These are subjective emotions. You may not feel you’ve done this – but she does.

Just consider all the ways you might have hurt her, from cheating to stealing to siding with another person against her. These all involve her trusting you not to cheat, her seeing herself as unimportant in your eyes and her feeling like you don’t love her.

But it is not limited to these things. Love involves reciprocity, the lack of which is painful. So if she trusts you and you don’t trust her back, she’ll feel hurt. If she worships you and you are ambivalent towards her, she’ll feel hurt. And if she loves you and you don’t show her you love her back – she’ll feel hurt.

Remember that the way you hurt her can clue you in on whether or not you can win her back.

What happened next?

Presumably, the relationship ended, and you got dumped. Maybe you’re “still friends,” either way. If she hangs up on you when you call or doesn’t hear you when you talk, there’s no difference. All of this can make you feel desperate.

No matter the temptation to drown your sorrows in tears or wallow in self-pity, you have to be levelheaded about this. You have to think about what you should do next.

Apologize sincerely.

Once you understand how and why she is hurt, the thing to do to win her back after hurting her is to apologize. I can’t stress this enough. This apology needs to be sincere. Apologize for what you did only if you understand how and why it hurt her. Don’t apologize for getting caught.

The words you are going to use are “I am very sorry.” If you feel the need to add an “if” or “but” in there, you’re not ready to apologize. This includes the celebrity/politician variation of the apology, “I’m sorry if I hurt you.”

If you can say sorry in person, do so. If not, write a letter or a well thought out (read: lengthy) text. Make sure you address what happened, and where the fault lies. Don’t make promises you can’t keep.

Saying you’re sorry isn’t going to fix anything. But done properly, it can stop the downward spiral of pain. Trusting there are no further revelations looming, it can put the brakes on an otherwise ever worsening sense of betrayal.

Recognize the grief involved and accept it.

After saying sorry, you may expect some improvement in the situation – forgiveness, a renewal of contact, the agreement to meet – anything! And when she is not forthcoming, this can push you into a state of despair. Psychologically speaking, a break up is similar to the death of a loved one. The only difference is, a break up can take even longer to get over – because we know we might be able to undo it.

And that’s your aim here. This isn’t a guide to heartbreak, but you need to understand what’s happening inside you if you want to learn how to win her back after hurting her.

What not to do to win her back after you hurt her.

First off, don’t get angry if you don’t get the response you want. Also, don’t beg, whine or plead! None of these will make you an attractive option. Remember, you’re the one at fault, so she owes you nothing. If your reason for wanting to get back together all start with ‘I’, you’re trying to get her back for the wrong reasons.

Give her some time and space

The first step to becoming her new lover is a complete detox for both of you. You’re not going to call her, visit her, see her in any way – not at accidentally at parties, not stalking her online, not ask a friend about her – nothing. Maybe she’ll miss you like you miss her.

Making sure you don’t contact her or think about her isn’t easy. It takes willpower. One trick is the elastic band around the wrist aversion therapy route. If you catch yourself thinking of her give it a snap and stop. Every time we think of someone, the neural pathways in our brain become stronger and only remind us of them more. You have to break the cycle if you’re going to learn how to win her back after hurting her.

Don’t think about what effect this has on her.

One thing is for sure, she will notice you stopped calling her. Even if she’s not feeling any love towards you, we as humans are programmed to want habit and routine. If the relationship was healthy before you hurt her and you drop out of her life, she will miss you in some capacity – even if it is only as a friend.

She might be thinking about you, but it’s your job to give her space. Dwelling on where she is in the process will tempt you to call her and flush all your good work down the drain.
Put the end date on the calendar for when you can win her back after hurting her

How long this period of no contact should be is up to you. I would suggest a month but some people swear on longer. Sometimes the deeper the hurt, the long the no-contact period needs to be. When you begin this period – tell her you’re doing it for both of you, so you both have time to heal. Tell her you’d like to call her when it’s over (say in three months).

But this period of time is not just waiting time. In this time you are going to do some self-improvement, both physically and emotionally.

Hit the gym, rehab, college, the mall, do your thing, focus on yourelf.

During your time apart she will wonder occasionally what could have been. However, to stem pain we often comfort ourselves with sayings and generalizations. A common one is “people don’t change.” Your job is to illustrate in every way that you have.

If you know she hated you smoking, work on quitting. If you’ve put on a few pounds in the last couple of years, hit the gym. Try for the promotion or enroll in night school. These are all outward signs of you changing, which can show her that you’re completely different from the man who hurt her in the past. After all, empowering yourself is one of the best ways to heal from a breakup.

The fact that you tried to win your woman back after hurting her signifies your maturity as a man and also the importance of the relationship to you.

Follow this steps just as a guide to help you in winning your woman back but only if you have truly changed and genuinely want her back.

You can’t really hide anything from her that long, she will see through your deciet if your aim is to manipulate her.

Generally women are such a forgiving creature even when you hurt her and she sees a genuine apology and a change in you.

If she forgives you, it will deepen your relationship and bring you both together even more intimately.

If she doesn’t fotgive you and doesn’t want to get back with you, just know that you have tried your best and you should move on and understand that it’s neither of your fault. She might just wish to be all alone for the time being, both of you might even maintain your friendship but on a distant level.

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